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Jason posted an Update on his webpage

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Jason Manns on his webpage:

Hello there!
I’m not sure when the last update email came out, I know it’s been a while… hopefully long enough to allow for the “I hate mass emails with a fire that burns hotter than the sun” sentiment to fade, if that’s possible. I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet, though there is quite a lot going on these days! As I sometimes do, I’ll sum everything important up at the end so if ya just want the hot points, scroll down, take a glance and you’re all caught up on the new album, my trip to Haiti, past & future tours, a contest win, a new stageit show, & more…

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NEWS – NEWS – NEWS: Jason comes to Germany with some friends.

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Jason just posted some good news and we want to keep all of you up to date!

And what is the best way to give you some News? Of cause with Jason´s words:

Jason on Twitter:  “Excited 2welcome my bud Aaron Beaumont (@aaronbeaumont) 2Germany! He & his crazy keyboard skills’ll B joining me 4the 1st time abroad!”



New StageIt: Birthday Show

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It’s that time of year again! (already!?) I’d love to share my birthday with some of my favorite folks, if you can make it! I have no idea what the show will be like yet, maybe some special guests, maybe the band, maybe just me, it has been a while since I did a solo show! I’ll figure all the details out soon, so keep checking back for more info.
That goes for the prizes too! I know I have a TON of skype shows to do, and most of you guys already won everything I have from Artist Signal… so I’ll have to put my thinking cap on for the prizes. coming soon though!
can’t wait to play for ya’ll, it’ll be a good warm up for my European Fall Tour. Hope you can make it out to England, Germany, Austria, or Hungary! ( & for tix and info!)

Message from Jason

Buy your ticket here – but be fast only 29 left!!